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Rodney Bay Ranked Among Caribbean Beach Towns With Most Affordable Real Estate!

Make your vacation home—or full-on ex-pat—dreams come true in these spots where the water is clear, the air is warm, and beach houses won’t break the bank.

If you’ve visited the Caribbean, chances are you’ve imagined trashing your return ticket, making a down payment on a cottage by the sea, stringing up a hammock, and staying forever.

If it seems too good to be true to find a gorgeous, palm tree-studded spot that also has sane home prices,’s recent list of ten Caribbean hideaways with reasonable real estate is for you — and Saint Lucia’s tourism capital Rodney Bay features at #2.

The data team considered safety, affordability, quality of beaches, and easy-going real estate rules in their survey, giving the heaviest weight to home prices. Once they determined which countries were best for ex-pats, they consulted travel experts to find the best beach destinations within.

The bustling port town of Rodney Bay is an ex-pat haven, with shopping, restaurants, and bars in walking distance to internationally known Reduit Beach. Quieter shores with fewer tourists are close by, as are lush hikes, scenic dives, and hot springs. Keep in mind that in order to buy property, non-nationals must hire a lawyer (for about $5,000) to acquire a local license.

Price per square meter in St. Lucia: $1,860

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